All Material Design Components with Implementation

Google Introduced many new Material design components for Android and iOS both and you can check the list with a small introduction on the material design site. I am providing you with a very brief implementation of all the material design Components with source code.
The list of all the material design components are as follows –

  1. Bottom App Bar
  2. Bottom Navigation
  3. Bottom Sheets
  4. Checkboxes
  5. Chips
  6. Collapsing Toolbar
  7. Floating Action Button
  8. Material Button
  9. Material Card
  10. Model Bottom Sheets
  11. Navigation View
  12. Radio Button
  13. SnackBar
  14. Switches
  15. TabLayout
  16. TextField
  17. Top App Bar

Please follow the link for implementation and for source code ping me.

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